"I dunno boss, I tried to give da Shaman yer orders, but da bug-eyed loon is just talkin' to that skull wand of his. Da funny thing is, boss... I fink I 'eard it talkin' back."
Greebitz, Goblin lackey of Warboss Ugg.[1a]

Originally captured from the Necromancer Kaloth, this staff fascinated the Goblin Shaman Kazgi, who spent long hours trying to plumb its secrets - that is until his mysterious disappearance. At first glance this skull on a stick seems like any other Shaman's fetish, at least it does until the ancient headbone's eye sockets gleam with an unearthly glow. Then the jawbone moves and a voice as dry and raspy as the ages gone rattles out. It speaks in a language long forgotten, but its words hold a fell power that even simple beasts might recognise and rightfully fear. Should you be close enough to hear it tell its dread secrets and mouth its unholy curse, then that will be the last thing you ever fear, for its words are death.[1a]


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