All sagas mention the Great Fire Dragon[1c] Skulex the Great, for the wyrm caused great havoc on the battlefield during the siege on Volganof in 2515 IC.[1a]

Indeed, there are many sagas of the deeds done during the battle outside of Volganof. Whoever the storyteller is, be they Imperial poet, skald chanter of the Northmen, or entranced Bray-Shaman of the warherd, none tell their tale without giving Skulex the Great his due. So mighty was the carnage wreaked by the many-scaled wyrm on that day that all who survived were awe-struck. Hundreds of Men, war machine, and horses fell before the thunderbolt-like assault of the ancient monster. Some were eaten whole, others crushed beneath its bulk, whole regiments were burnt to ashes by the great gouts of flame. The Steam Tank 'Indomitable', was cracked open and its crew eaten. The cannonballs that rent his vast pinions only made Skulex angrier.[1b]

After the death of Lord Mortkin, Skulex stared at the newly arrived Reiksguard, but instead chose to fly back towards its lair, high up in the ice-peaked mountains of Norsca.[1b]


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