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Skreet Verminkin.

Skreet Verminkin is the Skaven Warlord who has risen to command Clan Klaw through a mixture of devious cunning and ruthless savagery.


Skreet craves power and all that have stood in his way have come to a nasty, usually painful, end. Having secured his rank and status, Skreet now holds it by making sure that his underlings fear him more than any foe. Those upstarts that Skreet thinks may one day grow bold enough to challenge his rule soon find themselves ordered to carry out suicidally dangerous tasks, or else they mysteriously disappear, never to be heard from again.[1a]

Skreet Verminkin is extremely large and strong for a Skaven, making him a deadly opponent in the close combat. When battle beckons he dons heavy armour made from scavenged bronze and a back-pole atop which burns a baleful green fire. Skreet Verminkin Fights with a wickedly-sharp halberd he has named Slash-Slash and a large cleaver used to apply harsh discipline to his craven minions as often as it bites into his enemy's flesh. Around Skreet's neck glows a Talisman of Protection made from pure warpstone, whose magical aura protects him from harm.[1a]


  • Skreet Verminkin Miniature (7th Edition)
  • Skreet Verminkin Miniature (7th Edition)


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