"Shredded flaps of skin, clinging to a vicious humanoid wolf-thing, are all that remains of these former champions."
The dreaded Werekin of Norsca.[1]
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A ferocious Skin Wolf Werekin.[1]

Werekin are the most fearsome and deadly of the Skin Wolves.


Werekin are former Champions afflicted by feral mutations, whom the Gods deem not yet worthy to join them as immortals. Although feared by the local tribes where they dwell, they are not hated and indeed, they are respected. For the Northmen believe that even those cast down have been chosen, and it is better to be chosen than to live your whole life beyond the sight of the gods. Werekin are much larger and more distorted in body than the lesser Skin Wolves, living in caves deep within the frozen wastes. In times when they are not being brought to war by the raiding tribes, they feed on offerings from the locals, or otherwise devour unknowing passers-by who happen to carelessly dwell too near to their dens.[1]


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