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A painting of a Wraith mounted upon his Skeletal Steed.

Skeletal Steeds are the reanimated corpses of long-dead destrier mounts that have been awakened to serve their masters even past death.


In the time before the coming of Sigmar, evil kings and leaders of men would bargain with sorcerers to enchant their steeds, protecting them from the blows of the enemy. So potent were these sorceries that the horses were protected even after death. Long after their masters were laid to rest, these creatures endured, until their bodies rotted away and only bones remained of their mortal forms. Their spirits remained, knitting together the skeleton of these beasts and giving them the power to ride through the densest terrain without slowing, as skeletal steeds. It is even said that these creatures can bear their riders between the realms of the living and the dead...[1a]



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