Not to be confused with the settlement of Skeggi.

Skeggi Threkkson

Skeggi Threkkson conversion by Nick Kyme.

Skeggi Threkkson was a companion of Josef Bugman and expatriate of the fallen Dwarf Hold, Ekrund.[1b]


In his days at Ekrund, Skeggi befriended Josef's father, Zamnil, and developed his aim hunting in the forests outside the settlement. After Ekrund fell, the Dragonback Clan migrated over the mountains. During this period, Skeggi lost an eye battling orcs, but this did not diminish his ability with a crossbow. Following the migration, Zamnil, taking the name Samuel, set up a brewery in the southern Empire, while Skeggi lived a life as a mercenary and trader, taking names such as "Owd" Tom Thyksson and Jjorg Ruddle. However, he eventually returned to Bugman's Brewery, where he became one of the most trusted lieutenants of Josef Bugman.[1b]

In the lead up to Git Guzzler's sacking of the brewery, the watchtower commanded by Skeggi Threkkson came under attack by a group of goblins lead by Grabnatz Sourbelly.[1a] He later took part in the final defence of the brewery.[2a] If he was not killed in this battle, then he was carried off by the goblins to an unknown fate.[3a]



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