Skaw the Falconer

Skaw the Falconer

It is said that Skaw the Falconer dwells in an eyrie in the topmost branches of an old pine tree in the company of his falcons. Here he speaks with eagles and other birds of prey. He shuns the company of other Elves, but will fight beside them if the forest is in danger from enemies. Then the Scouts and the kindreds will go to the greatest trouble to seek him out to join them in battle. He commands his falcons as they fly, directing them with birdcalls as deadly weapons, swooping out of the sky into the attack. These keen-eyed living missiles are more deadly than arrows and always return to their master dripping blood from their wicked hooked beaks and sharp talons.[1a]

Skaw does not wear armour or carry a shield. Instead he wears a cape of feathers not only as protection but to show kinship with his birds of prey. The cape can be spread out to resemble the wings of a great bird. The feather cape is extremely thick and made of several layers of interwoven feathers.[1a]

Magic Items

  • The Flail of Claws: The Flail of Claws is a flail with three thongs each tipped with the talons of gigantic extinct birds of prey. Unlike an ordinary flail made of heavy chains and spiky balls, this flail is light to wield in combat and tears into the flesh of the foe.[1a]


  • Skaw the Falconer


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