Skavenpelt Banner

Skavenpelt Banner

Throughout the tumultuous Age of Strife, the armies of Tehenhauin, the Prophet of Sotek, marched to war against the Skaven hordes of Clan Pestilens. Many were the totems of that great war, but the most famous relic of that era is beyond a doubt the loathsome Skavenpelt Banner of Poqenichi. Cut from the plague-ridden hide of a Plague Pontifex personally slain by Chief Poqenichi himself, it was crafted when the fork-tailed comet lit even the daytime sky, and many blessings of the Serpent God have been put upon the vile hide. Ever since, Poqenchi’s standard has driven Lizardmen warriors into a murderous frenzy, stirring their reptilian blood to great heights of bloodlust. Many victories have been won beneath the Skavenpelt Banner and with each triumph, post-battle sacrifices furnished further fresh pelts to adorn the powerful icon of the wrath of Lustria unleashed. The rat-kin have grown to particularly loathe the standard, for its appearance has heralded the doom of so many of their kind.[1a]


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