Warhammer Skaven Chieftain

A Skaven Chieftain leading his forces against the enemies of his Clan.

Skaven Chieftains, or Clan Chieftains, are among the highest ranking warriors within a Skaven Clan, who are often given control over a smaller segment of the Clan to rule as they see fit.


Where a Clan might have representation in one Under-Empire city, the Chieftain receives instructions from his Warlord and master. Though still subservient to another more powerful Skaven, within their demesne they have nigh absolute authority. Those Clan Chieftains who prove themselves may one day rise to become Warlords themselves, supplanting their masters and perhaps even gaining a seat on the Council of Thirteen. While all Clan Chieftains believe this is their right and due, few survive long enough to achieve such lofty goals.[1a]


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