When mortal, Sigmar was said to have formed an allegiance with the Brigundian tribe by slaying Skaranorak, one of the first-born Dragon Ogres. According to The Book of Sigmar, the epic conflict took place in the Black Mountains and carved great gouges out of the landscape.[1a]

In 545 IC, a wandering Sigmarite friar came upon a ravaged section of mountainside high in the Black Mountains, and, so it is said, suffered a violent vision of the battle. With this “undeniable” proof, the cult immediately petitioned the local Elector Counts of Averland and Stirland for the permission and resources to build a great temple.[1a]

Now, almost 2,000 years later, there is not one temple in the area, but seven. They are maintained by High Capitular Marobaudes’ chapter of dedicated priests, and each temple supposedly guards an important location from the Skaranorak Saga. Pilgrims line the Zhufbar Road to Schramleben every year, there to head up the Blue Reach to Sigmaringen, the site of the first Skaranorak Temple. Sigmarites believe Siggurdheim, the lost capital of the ancient Brigundians, once stood there, and the temple marks the beginning of the pilgrimage proper. From Sigmaringen, the devout make their way overland into the mountains, following a well-beaten path leading past the six other temples, the last of which is said to reside on the very spot where Sigmar killed the Dragon Ogre. Inside, the temple guards an eight-foot-tall rock that local priests claim is one of the creature's claws, and thus is blessed by Sigmar's holy blood.[1a]


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