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The Skaramor.

The Skaramor are the most esteemed tribes of Khornate Warriors in existence.[1a]

Within this already elite martial-society stand the Skullreapers, a warband of Khornate Berserkers who are each as individually powerful as any Chaos Champion.[1a]


The tribes of the Skaramor have long maintained an existence of constant battle throughout the Chaos Wastes. That they have rarely crossed the Sea of Chaos is a matter of choice; the Skaramor are devoted to claiming the skulls of the mightiest foes and offering them up to Khorne.[1a]

For thousands of years, they have viewed all who dwell to the south as unworthy offerings, electing instead to prey upon the hardened survivors and mighty champions of the Chaos Wastes, preying upon the lands of the Norse, Kurgan and Hung with vicious abandon. They have hunted down the greatest monsters, and hurled themselves outnumbered into battle against warbands of warriors or Daemons time and again.[1a]

Thus they themselves have become ever stronger and more battle-hardened. Now, as the End Times draw on, the assembled tribes of the Skaramor are amongst the greatest and most fearsome mortal armies in the world.[1a]

Notable Skaramor

  • Scyla Anfingrimm - The Scourgeborn is said to have entered the number of the Skaramor after joining them in annihilating his birth tribe.[1a]



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