Skalderak is a mountain on Ulthuan whose cliffs once served Aenarion the Defender and his army as a camping ground against the forces of Chaos, 79th year of his reign. So great was his army, hundreds of dragons sleeping beneath silk pavilions spread out across the mountaintop, tens of thousands of heavily armoured Elves. Yet at the base of the mountain the camp of the enemy blazed with fires as numerous as the stars, counting Beastmen, Daemons, Mutants and worshippers of Chaos, outnumbering the Elves twenty-to-one. Even if Aenarion slew every last one of them, more would come, the island-continent overrun by howling hordes of blood-mad Beastmen smashing through the final defences. Armies of Mutants overwhelmed the last of Ulthuan's guardians, whilst legions of Daemons revelled in the ruins of ancient cities. It was here, atop the high cliffs, within his pavilion, that Aenarion said his final goodbyes to Morathi.[1a]

It was here that Aenarion left those of his army who were without dragon mounts, taking said-forces with him to the Isle of the Dead to defend Caledor as the mage prepared to conjure the Great Vortex. This was in part because none beside the dragons could move at the speed with which Aenarion required to reach the Isle in time. All those left behind were instead tasked with protecting Queen Morathi.[1a]


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