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The Skabrus.

The Skabrus is perhaps the most obscene vessel to ever sail the seas, the reanimated hulk of an Orb Leviathan manned by a crew of Undead Skaven.[2a]


An enormous cadaver the size of a Skaven underwarren, the sea-monster's insides have become a maze of crude scaffold and pitted brass spheres, each of which buzzes with tainted warp lightning. It is this fell energy that sustains the crew and powers the crackling warpstone weaponry bound to the monster's exposed ribs.[2a]

Unlike any other warship in the fleet, the Skabrus is very much the Zombie of the Dreadfleet. Its exposed organs have been crudely built upon by the Skaven, who use warp generators and the corpse gases of the decaying creature itself as both a propellant and a means of powering their deadly arsenal.[1a]

In place of its glowing lure, the monster now has a great warpstone-forged Screaming Bell that rings out in the night, drawing lost ships towards it in hope of salvation. Those foolish enough to approach Skabrus quickly learn that the toll is a death knell that promises only horror and madness.[2a]



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