"Lieutenant Hoche, the Untersuchung is dead. You have to understand that. Its members are dead, its mission is over, its ideals dust. Time rolls on and we must find new paths for our lives. Understand the situation and make the best of it. I have. You must too."
Sister Karin Schiffer[1b]

Sister Karin Schiffer is a very forceful woman. Indeed, her fair complexion and long dark hair is contrasted by a coldness within her blood that would cause some to consider the ice-cold waters of Kislev pleasant in comparison. It is for this reason why she rose to such heights in the Order of the Silver Hammer - an organisation that very rarely allows women to serve. Even with the uncommonness of a female Witch Hunter, she carved a name for herself and drew the eye (and affections) of the Lord Protector himself.[1b]

Prior to joining the Witch Hunters, Sister Karin originally was a pupil of Gottfried Braubach and served as a secret agent of the Untersuchung. Due to a tragic event, she turned her back on the agency for good and switched her allegiance for the more zealot organsation. Unbeknownst to many, she also switched allegiances to a much Darker-Power.[1a]

Sister Karin, alongside her lover Gamow, thrived as Khorne cultists in the very organisation that is dedicated to the removal of Chaos. She aided Gamow in the utter destruction of the Untersuchung, and stood by his side in the enactment of a great Chaos-ritual that would see to the creation of a great Khorne-worshiping army. Her efforts, however, were thwarted by another former-Untersuchung agent who would go on to avenge his decimated agency and continue the fight against Chaos.


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