"Let it begin."
Sir Borlois, defender of Aix Fronnard.[1]

Sir Borlois, Grail Knight of Aix Fronnard.[1]

Sir Borlois was the Grail Knight protector of Aix Fronnard Chapel.


For six weeks, fierce war had raged outside the walls of Aix Fronnard, a little town famed for its saintly chapel-shrine. All night, Borlois prayed beneath the lancet window of the holy chapel, dedicating his prayers to the Lady of the Lake, to the combat to come, and to those knights who had already fallen.[1]

He knew that it was the dawn of what would be his last day, and he would not be rushed that morning. The enemy would wait as he dedicated himself precisely and devoutly to the coming combat, as befitted any Knight of Bretonnia. He blessed the colours of his house, and placed them around his shoulders. Each piece of armour was prayed for as it was donned. His blade, that which had served him so well, was whetted and anointed. Finally he donned his helmet, masking himself for war.[1]

Borlois began the long walk to the chapel's mighty gate. He was alone now, the last. Those six weeks of fierce war had reduced the garrison of Aix Fronnard to just one man. Evil would not set foot on the sacred ground of Aix Fronnard's holy chapel. Evil would wait until the virtuous stepped out to meet it. It was dawn, and as Borlois approached the innumerable hordes of Chaos, he went to war...[1]


  • Borlois charges forth.


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