Sir Beoveld was a renowned Bretonnian Lord who played a pivotal role during the war for the Nemesis Crown.[1]


Whilst the war for the Nemesis Crown ufolded, Sir Beoveld, a renowned hero of Bretonnia, issued a call to arms against the forces of Undead ammassing in the Badlands. His inital forays brough him into contact with the Tomb Kings , where he and his Knights cost them dear.[1]

Following his call for a mighty crusade against the Undead masters of the south, Beoveld's army gained glory upon glory across the battlefields of the Old World and beyond. He and his lordly knights sent back word of their splendid victories against the Tomb Kings of Khemri. Brightly hued phalanxes of knights thundered across the Badlands and beyond, intercepting Undead armies and cutting them down as wheat before the scythe.[1]

Whilst Beoveld's army cut swathes through Settra's armies, the mighty Tomb King still moved closer to his goal. Those of his armies who fell to the shining lances of the Bretonnians caused little concern, provided the task they had been set was accomplished.[1]

Just as the Dwarfs closed in on the Nemesis Crown and victory seemed certain, Beoveld perished, giving his life so that Settra's army might be held back from the Great Forest and the forces of light be given time to gain the crown. Thanks to his sacrifice, the Dwarfs were able to reclaim their ancient artifact.[1]


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