Sir Auferic is a Knight of Lyonesse who serves as the final guardian of the Cordon Sanitaire.[1]


The watchtower of the Cordon Sanitaire commanded by the knight Auferic is the last bastion of Bretonnia before entering Mousillon. It is on the border between Lyonesse and Mousillon, about a two days' ride south of Castle Lyonesse. Auferic's Watchtower is a relatively new building made of wood, having a platform for archers at the top and archery slits in the walls. it houses a small garrison of peasant archers and Men-at-Arms, Auferic himself being the only knight.[1]

Auferic is willing to put up adventurers for the night, providing they have written permission from Duke Adalhard. He is a good source of information about Mousillon. Though he has not ventured into the dukedom himself, Auferic has been on the Cordon Sanitaire for three years and knows many stories about the place. He can tell passing adventurers to never drink unboiled water, for instance, and to take other precautions to prevent falling victim to the diseases prevalent in Mousillon. Indeed, the Cordon Sanitaire is intended to keep commoners from leaving Mousillon and spreading the dreaded Red Pox into neighbouring lands.[1]

Sir Auferic has heard rumours that King Louen intends to raise an army of Knights Errant and reclaim Mousillon, but he is not yet aware of Mallobaude and the growing threat he presents. He still believes in the Knightly Order and the Lady of the Lake, but he is weary and cynical, having spent a long time performing a thankless task on the Cordon.[1]


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