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The Silver House is a shambling, rambling, half-timbered building not far from the temple of Morr in Altdorf. It gets its name because the shrouded workers there offer one silver coin for every body brought to it. The silver house and the silver gained from it has a reputation for bad luck and even evil and so respectable citizens would never dream of bringing their deceased loved ones there. But for the very poor, and perhaps others too, the promise of free silver is too tempting.[1a]

In fact the place is run by the Amethyst College. The Morrites know of the practice and while they do not necessarily condone it, they have come to an arrangement with the College, considering it better to have this sort of practice out in the open, relatively speaking.[1a]

The College uses the bodies in research and teaching and even as a source of Amethyst power. The people do not know who runs the house. They usually assume it is something to do with the Cult of Morr. The Amethyst College spreads rumours to this effect. Other rumours talk of necromancers and even a well-known pie seller. It is difficult to say how the people would react if they knew this sort of thing was powering spiriters' spells.[1a]


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