Sigmarsheim is a little outpost of the Empire in the Forest of Arden. Fifty years ago, a Bretonnian Knight Errant made many friends in the Empire and brought them back with him when he returned to set up his fief. He claimed a site within the forest and settled his friends as peasants but with customs of freedom copied from the charters of various Imperial cities. The village is built around a temple of Sigmar, and the lord’s keep stands watch at the edge of the island. The young people of the village have a tradition of going to the Empire for a year or so when they reach adulthood and of bringing back a spouse. As a result, the language of the village is Reikspiel, and the whole place feels like it could have been picked up from the Great Forest and put down in Bretonnia. Indeed, gullible visitors are told exactly that.[1a][1b]


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