The Sigmarite Flagellants of the Skull (aka The Skulls) are a band of frothing zealots led by the mad genius Ludwig Buchholz. Their shouting can be heard above the din of the crowd, but Ludwig is a quiet scholar who rarely makes public appearances. Once a renowned academic and theologian from Nuln, Ludwig acquired the Sigmar panel of Lanfranchi's triptych three years ago and was driven mad by his subsequent findings. According to Ludwig's personal exegesis of Sigmarite holy texts, the famous hero was tainted by Nagash's Crown of Sorcery before his final departure from the world. The recent resurrection of Grand Theogonist Volkmar provided convincing evidence of a theory that Ludwig already suspected, and he was able to win converts with articulate and well-researched lectures.[1a]

Ironically, Ludwig never intended to create a cult of blasphemers. His own faith in Sigmar is strong, but to openly worship the God after making such heretical proclamations would have drawn charges of Necromancy, so Ludwig instead declares himself an atheist. He quietly hopes that Sigmarites will someday acknowledge the dark taint of their God and modify their doctrines accordingly.[1a]

Skull faction members are primarily former clerics who have lost faith in Sigmar under the continued encroachment of Chaos, and they have been convinced by Ludwig that Sigmar was tainted with dark magic before attaining godhood. They wear ornamental skulls and tattered robes, and they carry crude, makeshift flails. The Skulls often clash with other factions, and their numbers would be greater if not for frequent casualties.[1a]


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