Sigmar's Sons

Sigmar's Sons.

Amongst the crusaders sent to reinforce Volkmar were Sigmar's Sons, veteran warriors and merciless killers to a man. Each of them had already served in the Red Masquers, an eighty-strong regiment that had fought alongside Volkmar less than a year ago against the Chaos-worshippers of the North.[1a]


Whilst on campaign against the many barbarian tribes, the Grand Theogonist had been so impressed by the Red Masquers' repeated refusal to retreat in the face of the baying hordes that he gave them his official commendation, renaming them Sigmar's Sons in honour of their heroic bravery. Since that day, it has been their tradition for each of their number to have the hammer of Sigmar tattooed upon his chest in recognition of Volkmar's accolade. Some of them go so far as to have their entire bodies tattooed with different scenes from Sigmar's life, believing that such dedication will lend them strength when they need it most, in the heat of battle.[1a]

Though Sigmar's Sons boast that they are as skilled in battle as any knight of the Empire – and have proved it on more than one occasion – it is their faith that is their most potent weapon against evil. When battle is joined, the righteous anger that seethes in their hearts drives them deep into enemy ranks, swords hacking and stabbing without pity.[1a]

When Karl Franz sent for aid from Talabecland, the barracks that contained Sigmar's Sons was the Kriegmarshal's first port of call. There, he hand-picked the best of their number to join the crusade, reasoning that Volkmar would need a cadre of men he could trust in the tumultuous days ahead.[1a]


  • Sigmar's Sons were the mainstay of von Korden's Exploration


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