The Sigil of Flies is made of a dull metal in the shape of the Nurgle symbol with a large fly on top of it. It is usually attached to a simple chain and worn around the neck. Ruprecht originally created the Sigil to allow the cultists to access the hidden temple. In this way, the Sigil served as a key. He then ensorcelled the hedge maze, making it nearly impossible for anyone without the Sigil to reach the centre. Eventually, Ruprecht devised a ceremony that could “bless” the cultists permanently by attaching the magic of the Sigil directly to the cultist’s flesh. It was a very painful process for the cultists, and the unworthy perished during the ritual, but it ended the need for Ruprecht to produce any more Sigils. Cultists were easier to obtain than the metal for the Sigils. Thus only a handful of the Sigils remain on the manor grounds.[1a]


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