On a country road ten miles north of Altdorf lies an obscure shrine. It is a small stone tower not more than ten feet square and four storeys high. It tapers as it rises and ends in a tiled belfry. The bell is gone, however, and hasn't been there for hundreds of years. On the ground floor is a wooden altar supporting a small, wooden statue of a wolf, and carved into the wall behind it is the simple legend: Sigmar and Ulric. According to local legends, the place commemorates the site where Sigmar was said to have met with Ulric himself in wolf form. He fought the wolf to a standstill and, depending on which version of the story you believe, either Sigmar was impressed by the wolf's bravery and agreed to spare it, or the wolf was impressed by Sigmar and agreed to spare him. However, both versions of the story are obscure these days. Locals who call it anything at all call it the Shrine of the Wolf.[1a][1b]

As can be seen from the state of the place, hardly anyone visits here anymore, and few of them leave offerings. There is no one to look after the shrine. Although the building belongs to the Cult of Ulric, it surprises few that it remains untended.[1b]


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