The Shrine of Grimnir, also known as the Temple of Grimnir and the Shrine of the Slayers is located in Karak Kadrin. Most Slayers travel to Grimnir's shrine to take the Slayer Oath.[1a][2a] It was built by King Baragor, the first of the Slayer Kings of Karak Kadrin, who invited all slayers throughout Karaz Ankor to his realm.[2a]

The shrine is located in a subsection of Karak Kadrin known as Khaz Drengi, also known as the Slayers' Hall, near a side gate of the hold.[2a]

The entrance hall of the temple is lit by a huge fire. By contrast, the Inner Sanctum of the Shrine of Grimnir is dark and gloomy. The ceiling is around 18 feet high, relatively high for a dwarf building. The sanctum is dominated by a runic altar topped with a statue of a mighty dwarf slayer holding two axes, presumably a depiction of Grimnir himself. The Hammer of Firebeard is also kept on the altar. The inner sanctum also serves as the sepulcher for the Slayer Kings of Karak Kadrin, and is lined with their sarcophagi.[1a]

The priests of Grimnir who tend the fire wear plain red tunics and bind their beards with clips depicting the sign of two crossed axes.[1a]

It is unusual for non-Dwarfs to enter the Shrine of Grimnir. However, some dwarf-friends who are particularly well respected are allowed to enter the shrine. For example, Felix Jaeger visited the shrine during his visit to Karak Kadrin.[1a] A second shrine to Grimnir, open to all, is located in an underground gallery below the Slayers' Hall.[2a]


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