A large collection of shields from various factions and races.

Though largely a defensive weapon, Shields can be used to bash opponents as well as block attacks. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as round, square, flat and convex. Some are even notched for fighting with spears. So common is their use, that even the lowliest conscripts carry shields when not called to heft pikes and spears.[1]

High Elves

The shields of the High Elves are tall and kite shaped, providing cover to much of a warrior's body. Their curved surfaces offer plenty of space for Elven artisans to create bold designs. Despite the long and bitter enmity between the two races, the common roots of High Elf and Dark Elf culture can be glimpsed in the similarity in symbols both Elven kindreds apply to their wargear:[2a]

  • The star and flames are common motifs, and are often used to represent Isha and Asuryan respectively.[2a]
  • The sword and heart are associated with Khaine.[2a]



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