"Using his seer-craft, the Shaman-Sorcerer wrangles the Winds to guide the tribe towards war."
The Shaman-Sorcerers of Chaos.[1]
Total War Shaman Sorceror Concept Art

Shaman-Sorcerers are the Shamans native to the harsh North. They worship the Chaos Gods, whether by their real names or not, and live among the Chaos-worshiping Marauder tribes.[1]


The Shaman-Sorcerer is, more often than not, a practiced murderer. He pursues dark pacts and bargains with numerous petty Chaos godlings and daemons as the source of his arcane powers, and uses his prophetic influence to guide the tribes towards war. Shaman Sorcerers are rightly feared due to their prophetic seer-craft and unholy mastery of the stormy Winds of the frozen north, conducting Daemonic rituals as a way of gaining favour from the Dark Gods. That is not to say they are incapable of face-to-face combat – they take to the battlefield with both staff and axe, wielding magic as well as cutting down any unfortunate foe who happens to get too close.[1]

The Shaman-Sorcerers that embed themselves into warbands are often the ones creating the impetus for war. They act as conduits, pursuing dark pacts and bargains with numerous Chaos godlings and daemons while using their prophetic influence to suggestively whisper into the ears of the Chieftains, guiding them towards mass slaughter. The most powerful of the Shaman-Sorcerers use pyres sometimes located in purpose-built temples in order to augment their influence. Upon these pyres, they burn the living flesh of war captives, slaves, animals, or even castigated tribesmen in order to conduct their dark rituals.[1b]


  • Portrait of a Shaman Sorcerer


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