May or may not be the same as Temple Hospice of Shallya.

Shallyan Temple and Hospital

The Shallyan temple stands at the edge of the University District. The temple is a low white marble building, connected to a three-storey hospital with an enclosed yard behind. They have separate entrances. The temple sisters direct them to the hospital.[1a]

The hospital lobby is small and functional—a square room with a small door in the left wall and a large open door in the back wall guarded by two male temple guards. Two more stand at the street exit. Hard benches run along the walls. A middle-aged sister-matron sits behind an elevated podium. There is a large ledger on the podium, and shelves of books beside her.[1a]

One can also access the hospital via the temple which is connected to it—or through the carriage yard behind said-hospital. On its right side, the hospital is separated from a brick tenement by a six-foot wide alley. The hospital has no windows on its ground floor and the wall is smooth plaster. If one enters the tenement, they can make their way to the roof and leap the gap. The tenement and temple are the same height but the temple's roof is slanted slate. Easily levered-open dormers lead into an attic. The dormers are narrow, however, so a Dwarf or a very muscular or fat Human won't fit. Once inside, moving around is difficult without disguises. There are always two guards per floor.[1a]

The injury ward lies on the second floor—a long room with beds running down both walls and windows that look over the carriage yard. There are doors at each end. Floor-to-ceiling white curtains on rings separate the beds from one another. These curtains make it hard to see who is in the room, but any normal conversation can be heard anywhere here. The patients are men and women suffering from traumatic injuries—broken limbs, sword cuts, missing eyes, etc. Sisters enter and leave the room constantly.[1a][1b]


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