After the Lubjanko fell into disuse as a place of healing, the disenfranchised Salyakarin Priests commissioned the Shallyan temple at Couronne for monies to construct a mission in Kislev. After much wrangling, their request was granted, and the "Shallyan" Mission was built. Where the Lubjanko is a place of dying, the Shallyan Mission is a place of life, and those who are brought within its white marble walls invariably walk out again. Once a visitor passes through the modest gates of the mission, they enter into a pleasant courtyard garden with a fountain at its centre, and the cooing of doves fills the air. Herbs and medicinal plants grow in this garden, which flourishes all year round, no matter how severe the winter. Images of hearts and the Goddess of Healing and Mercy cover the walls, and on the left is the temple, a nondescript white building with simple pews and a pale statue of Shallya. Several chapels line the other side of the courtyard, and at the end are the infirmaries where the sick and needy are cared for by the clerics of Shallya, most of whom are female. No one is ever turned away from the Shallyan Mission, but anyone healed of their wounds or sickness is expected to place a coin in every Temple of Shallya they pass from then on. No matter its official title, most Kislevites stubbornly refer to the Mission as "The Temple of Salyak", and there has been significant pressure from locals for the Shallyans to accept traditional, thus better, Salyakarin values.[1a][1b]


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