"Now look upon the face of death!"
Shadowblade, before executing Lord Corvass of Clar Karond for his insolence towards the Hag Queen of the Witch Elves.[2a]

The Death that Walks Unseen.

Shadowblade, known as the Death that Walks Unseen is the Chief Khainite Assassin of Crone Hellebron.


Shadowblade is still relatively young, having known less than two centuries of Malekith's rule. His reputation, however, is legendary, and his arrogance is as bottomless as the sea. Fables of his grisly adventures are already used as stories to scare Dark Elf children, a litany of murder and terror that grows longer and bloodier with each passing day. Shadowblade's most famous exploit was the slaughter of the entire crew of a High Elf Hawkship, one by one, over a period of several days. Only the horribly mutilated captain was left alive, so that he could tell of the mounting horror on the ship as the crew desperately attempted to corner Shadowblade — to no avail.[1a]

Shadowblade's fabled deeds are difficult to substantiate, however, because no-one has seen his face and lived. Not even Hellebron knows for certain what Shadowblade looks like, and the master that taught him perished long ago by his pupil's blade. Furthermore, those that start spreading stories about Shadowblade tend to come to untimely ends. Whilst the master may take pride in the appreciation of his work, he does not allow wagging tongues to spill his secrets. Unlike other Assassins, whose loyalties often change at the clink of a purse, Shadowblade reports only to Hellebron; it is rumoured that she has used him to eliminate a great many of her political opponents. If this is the case, it would seem that only Morathi has so far been left untouched, but it remains to be seen if this is because the Hag Sorceress is a mark even beyond Shadowblade's ability, because the kill order has not yet been given, or because the master Assassin has other loyalties hidden even from Hellebron.[1a]


  • Heart of Woe - This large ruby throbs and beats like a living heart. Should its bearer be slain, the crystal shatters into a thousand shards, impaling anyone unfortunate enough to be near the vicinity.[1a]
  • Potion of Diabolic Strength - This potent magical brew, created from Troll blood, Chimerae bile and the heart of a Blackspine Mountain Griffon, is distilled by Crone Hellebron and gifted only to her most trusted servant.[1a]


  • Shadowblade had a sister named Felicion whom he killed in order to fulfill the final ritual.[3]


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