XI, 359 (2522 IC) was a year full of ill omen. The Witch King brooded upon his iron throne, his legions poised to invade Ulthuan once more. Eleswhere, the followers of Chaos mustered under a single banner, eager to bring ruin to the Empire - a conflict the Phoenix King knew would soon call upon the blades of the Elves.[1a]

Yet it was in the Season of Storm when the direst of tragedies struck. Aliathra, daughter of the Phoenix King and future Everqueen, had vanished whilst acting as emissary to the High King of the Dwarfs. Great was the uproar at court, with nobles of all ranks calling for war. Finubar refused hasty action, however, and sought counsel with the Everqueen.[1a]

Alarielle was certain that Aliathra lived, but was hidden against her will - the lineage of the Everqueen linked mother and daughter more tightly than bonds of blood, and was deceived less readily than mortal senses.[1a]

So occurred the greatest of assemblage of Elven heroes in many hundreds of years. Prince Tyrion, the Everqueen's Champion, led an army of Ulthuan's finest warriors. With him went not only his brother Teclis, but also Eltharion of Tor Yvresse, Eldyra of Tiranoc, Ystranna of Avelorn and Belannaer of Hoeth.[1a]

During the voyage, Teclis finally broke the spells of concealment that surrounded Aliathra - she was held in the labyrinthine chambers of Nagashizzar.[1a]

With Tyrion at their head, the Elves fought their way into the black heart of Nagash's lair. Of the Great Necromancer there was no sign, but thousands of his mouldering servants thronged the colossal halls. Against Eltharion's Fangsword and Ystranna's Moonspear, the Undead could not hope to stand.[1a]

Vampires and Fell Bats swarmed about the Elves, only to be driven back by Teclis' magics. Hexwraiths emerged from the walls to slay valiant warriors of Lothern and Yvresse, but Tyrion unleashed the power of Sunfang and burnt them from the shadows.[1a]

Finally, much diminished in number, the Elves entered a dungeon deep within one of Nagashizzar's many accursed spires. There they found Aliathra, pale and in a deep, sorcerous sleep. Deeming there to be no time to waken the princess, Tyrion gathered her up in his arms, and bade Eltharion lead the remaining Elves forth. No resistance did they meet on the outward journey, for the tower's denizens were slain or fled deeper into Nagash's stronghold. But the Elves were not yet free of Nagashizzar.[1a]

As they passed the gates and entered the desolation beyond, they beheld a great Undead host mustered in the ash-fields. Mannfred von Carstein had expended much effort in acquiring Aliathra for his dark designs. He did not intend to relinquish her without a fight.[1a]


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