"There is business afoot, yes. Business we must watch, oh so carefully, my lords. In the mortal lands, great Lords of Decay meet, great Lords of Decay plot-scheme. They meet, so we the Shadow Council, great Verminlords of Decay, the true Council, must meet too-also."
Skreech Verminking[1a]

The Shadow Council of Thirteen is the daemonic, otherworldly version of the Council of Thirteen, located within the Realm of Ruin, the Horned Rat's domain. Whilst mighty Skaven Lords rule the Council of Thirteen, those that have been deemed worthy in their existence to the Horned Rat may be elevated within the ranks of the Verminlords. Of these Verminlords, the thirteen which seat within the Shadow Council are the greatest of all Skaven-kind. Just like the mortal plane, this Council also sports a Great Black Pillar of Commandments, but unlike the more simplified version in the mortal world, this one continues to grow like a tower, each inscription just as maddening and contradictory as the last one.[1a]

It grew constantly from the root like gnawing-teeth as more edicts were added to its hellishly contradictory catalogue. Rarely a day went by without some new ruling. The pillar was already over one hundred miles high, and the text upon it was very small. Only Verminking confidently claimed to know the full scope of the Horned Rat’s teachings. He was lying.[1a]

Known Members


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