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The Shadow Armour was crafted with skills now lost to the High Elves. Some believe it was forged in the hidden camps of Shadow Warriors, whilst others hint it is not Elf make at all, but a gift from Loec, the trickster god. The shimmering armour weighs almost nothing and exist somewhere between the real world and that of magic, allowing its wearer to pass all but unseen by mortal eyes. First to don it was Prince Telmakador, one of the handful of nobles who saw Aethis' reign for the folly it was and fought a bitter campaign of ambush and sabotage against the Dark Elves as the Phoenix Court descended into complacency. Many times did Aethis' agents seek Telmakador's arrest, but each time he was thought cornered, he melded into the darkness and slipped away.[1a]


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