"The Dream of the Wild is found in the hunt of the predator and in the desperate energy of its prey. It speaks in the howl of Brother Wolf and the cry of Brother Eagle. Its touch is not felt upon the walls and turrets of civilised Men, but its growl is felt in the deepest of forests and upon the most jagged of peaks where only the free and wild dwell, and the Truth of Nature is prime, not the Lies of Man."
Attributed to Setanta Lobas, Magister-Patriarch of the Amber College.[1a]

Setana Lobas.

Setanta Lobas is the Wild Father of his shamanic Order. He lives in a cave in the Amber Hills with three wolves, travelling into Altdorf only when he is summoned for Convocation or for some other equally important matter. He became the Wild Father eight years ago when the previous Father was slain by the shaman of a particularly large and successful Beastmen herd he had been stalking.


No one really knows how it is the Amber Brotherhood know when to gather to choose a new Wild Father since they are so dispersed. The eldest and most powerful of them travel from across the Empire to the Amber Hills to congregate in the Cave of Choosing. This time, after three weeks of ritual chants, dances, and vision-questing, the Lord Magisters chose Setanta to be the new Wild Father.

Little is known of Setanta’s background, and he is disinclined to speak of it. He was recently asked by the Supreme Patriarch to help a priest of Sigmar called Richter Kless in his investigations into the ways and means of the Beastmen. Clearly Setanta once came from a very educated background, for although his hand was spidery and unpractised, he wrote a long and articulate piece for Richter, before leaving once more for the Amber Hills.

Setanta no longer has hair on his head or face, but instead has the short-haired silver-grey pelt of a timber wolf on his head and jaw. Also his eyes are now more akin to a wolf ’s, eerily reflecting the light of his fire in the dark of the night. He dresses mostly in the furs of wolves, but for important rituals or for war the wears a headdress of fine stag antlers, making him seem almost like a mortal avatar of the God Taal himself.

Setanta dislikes people very much and cares little about the affairs of city dwellers, although he dearly loves the Empire and its lands. Being a man who keeps his word and his obligations, Magister Lobas regards his oath of loyalty to the Empire as highly as any vow he has ever sworn. He prefers not to receive visitors.


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