In L'Anguille, Serrac is a typical Bretonnian village. Its precise layout is unimportant, so there is no detailed map, but the general shape of the village does matter.[1a]

Serrac is home to about three hundred peasants who live in a few dozen hovels gathered around a rather muddy village green. The peasant houses are visibly in a bad way, having holes in the walls and serious damage to roofs. The peasants themselves are dirty, poorly clothed, and underfed.[1a]

On a hill to the north of the village stands Castle Serrac. This is far more splendid than one would expect from the size of the village, which might explain the village's poverty. The castle consists of a large triangular stone keep with a round tower at each corner. A wooden palisade surrounds the base of the hill and a lower courtyard, and a large stone gatehouse guards the only entrance. A short section of wall to either side of the gatehouse has also been rebuilt in stone.[1a]

The village's fields are mainly to the south, and to the east and west forest comes quite close. These woods are used as sources of fuel and forage for pigs and are not particularly plagued by Beastmen, though a band of Herrimaults has recently taken up residence.[1a]


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