Bright College

Bright Wizard Sergov Pfeiffer had failed to impress any of his masters during his apprenticeship in the study of magic. Thus far, Sergov has gained more notoriety for his predilection for fistfights than for magical skill. Sergov marched with troops out of Wolfenburg and joined the defence of Volganof. In the most desperate hour, when the city faced certain destruction, something unexpected happened. Inspired by the chants of a nearby Warrior Priest, Sergov began a spell. Eyes blazing with sudden power, an enormous conflagration erupted from his outstretched hands. Many who survived claimed that in its fiery descent the fireball assumed the shape of a twin-tailed comet before it landed amongst the massed ranks heading for the breached city walls. The spell would later come to be known as the Fury of Sigmar.[1a]


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