Lady Serafima Quixana is the last of the known Quixana bloodline. She was but a child when emissaries from Zaragoz came to her home of Gualcazar, intent on arranging a marriage between her and Tomas diAvila, son of Duke Marsilio. It is widely believed that she will be married when she comes of age, just as there are rumours say she is unhappy with the prospect. This could also be due to her living in the High Tower of Castle Zaragoz.[1a]

Serafima strangely resembles Veronique diAvila, save instead of red hair, Serafima's is black as a raven's wing. She is also noticeably younger and smaller.[1b]


  • It is implied that Morella d'Arlette may have been amongst the emissaries sent to negotiate Serafima's marrying Tomas diAvila.[1a]


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