Sepukzy is one of the largest settled groups of Ungols in Kislev and has no permanent Gospodar residents. The stanitsa supplies its horse archers to the pulks, but they are not up to the standards of the true nomads; the residents are debating raising a rota of winged lancers instead, but traditionalists are strongly opposed.[1a]

The hags are very strong in Sepukzy, and several old mothers reside here. It is a major centre for the later training of wise women, when they are introduced to the issues of advising a settlement. No one here would dream of going against a wise woman’s advice. At any time, at least three of the hags from the stanitsa are off in the north, at a secret location. They do not always come back, and speculation as to what they do is rife. None of the hags say anything, however.[1a]


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