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Chief advisor and confidante to Duke Marsilio diAvila, Semjaza is an elderly sorcerer who makes no effort to hide his monstrous nature, tolerated though he is for his usefulness.[1a]

Compared to the norms of Estalia, the colour of Semjaza's flesh suggests far more red than one would expect of a man of such dark hue. His dark red eyes, which gape so wide at all times that a rim of bloodshot white is always visible about the iris. His nose is thin, the nostrils reduced to tiny slits, and his mouth is perpetually crooked. What's more, there is an aura to him -- a radiance given off by some unearthly inner fire. When he breathes, it gives the odour of a graveyard. One of his hands is claw-like and nearly black, his fingers like snakeskin to the touch, and just as warm.[1a]


Though unclear, it is suggested that Semjaza possessed Morella d'Arlette while in bed with Orfeo, her eyes having become very similar to his own. This may be a reference to a Chaos spell of Slaanesh that causes such an effect, where the host's eyes become those of the possessor.[1a]


  • Semjaza does not care for dancing.[1b]
  • Semjaza once had both a brother and a sister, long ago, back when he had a different name and a different face.[1c]


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