The tomb city of Quatar is famed for its towering statues, many of which are colossal representations of the gods and mighty kings of the past. Sehenesmet, the Vizier of Quatar, has worked for nearly a score of centuries creating, rebuilding and caring for these monoliths. Unmatched in this field, Sehenesmet has refined his incantations so that he can animate and control a great many of these constructs at any given time. It is he who inscribed the powerful incantations of awakening and binding upon the towering monoliths that guard the entrance to the famed Valley of the Kings, and his realm of walking statues is talked of in the lands of Araby in hushed tones. It has been said that he has even animated the great stone guardian of Quatar, shaped in a hybrid form of lion and eagle. Now it is even rumoured that he has interred himself within the animated body of a giant construct to lend him the strength so that he may undertake more ambitious and grander projects.[1a]


  • Sehenesmet on Bone Giant (conversion for a Golden Demon contest).


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