Secret Signs are symbols or glyphs used by members of a particular group to communicate clandestinely with other members of that group. Each set of secret signs is different, tailored to the needs of the organization that uses it. A few of the main users of secret signs are listed below.[1a]

  • Grey Order: As an order of wandering wizards, the Grey Order has developed a complex script of secret signs, many of which are only perceptible to magic-users. They mark safe houses, places where wizards are unwelcome, and many other things.[1b]
  • Gangs: Like its guilds, many of the Old World's criminal gangs have their own set of secret signs, marking bolt-holes, potential marks, well patrolled areas, etc.[1b]
  • Guilds: Many large individual guilds have a cipher of secret signs denoting matters of importance to their members.[1b]
  • Vagabonds: The wanderers of the Old World, such as vagabonds and pedlars, have devised a system of secret signs denoting safe and unsafe spots, and sources of food, water, and shelter.[1b]
  • Woodsmen: Woodsmen and a few other rural folk use a set of signs known as Ranger signs. These signs are mostly used to mark territory and denote safe and dangerous places.[1b]


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