Even though pit fighting is a sport found in most parts of the Empire, it is loosely organised at best. Usually, it consists of local fighters gathering together to provide a night's entertainment, with the occasional appearance by out-of-town opponents. In some of the larger cities, leagues and permanent arenas are sometimes formed, though always under the sufferance of local authorities or the control of local crime bosses. However, it is still rare for any meaningful organisation of pit fighters to exist. In fact, such an organisation seems at odds with the very nature of throwing two men into a pit to hack each other to death.[1a]

Despite all this, however, rumours persist of an underground fellowship of fighters. This Secret Pit Fighter Guild is rumoured to wield a surprising amount of power and holds influence with Imperial citizens right up into the highest levels of government.[1a]

The goals of the guild, however, are unknown, though some speculate that they are secretly training an army through endless matches and bouts, covertly grooming dangerous fighters for their own ends. Getting into the guild is as simple as making a name in the pit. They say the best fighters are eventually approached and offered a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves. Of course, since no one ever talks about the guild its existence remains only rumour.[1a]


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