"For some, appearances are everything - regardless of the truth of the matter."
The Seamstresses of Bretonnia.[1]
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Seamstresses are the dedicated tailors of Bretonnia's military society.


Clothiers and seamstresses play an important role in Bretonnia, operating in a society which cares much about its image. For Bretonnians, chivalric virtues are not only expounded through their actions, but also through their appearance. Knights will often wear battle-damaged cloaks as a constant reminder of past glories, and some non-combatant nobles mimic this trend by having slits artificially cut into their own. Unsurprisingly, attempts to fake battle damage are frowned upon – so seamstresses are employed to adorn such cloaks with fabrics provided by the local clothier, making it clear that the battle damage is decorative.[1]


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