"I can see the sea!"
Marian Zelman, Optimistic Reiklander Sailor[2a]

Ruthless Imperial Sailor

From the mighty Greatships to small merchant sloops, the boats of the Old World are all crewed by Seamen.[2a]

Most Imperial seamen come from the province of Nordland, which has a long stretch of coast on the Sea of Claws.[1a] However, many also come from the Reikland. Although it has no coastline, it borders a significant stretch of the River Reik navigable to sea-going vessels.[2a] Elven sailors can be found in the Old World as well, particularly those engaged by their great Merchant Houses.[1a]

The Nordlander seamen of the Second Fleet crew Greatships, Wolfships, and Wargalleys and patrol the perilous Sea of Claws, protecting the Empire from Norse longships, Bretonnian buccaneers, and the dreaded fleets of Chaos. Hardened seamen one and all, their civilian compatriots sail merchantmen, pirate vessels, and other privately owned craft.[1a]

Along the Reikland border, from Altdorf to the Wasteland, the Reik is miles wide and easily navigable by sea-going vessels. It is patrolled by the Reikish sailors of the Imperial First Fleet. "Missions," dormitory buildings for members of the Imperial Navy, also line the banks of the Reik.[2a]

However, the seamen of the First Fleet rarely see the open sea, because they are separated from it by Marienburg.[2a] The city is the greatest port of the Old World, it gained its independence from the Empire years ago,[1a][2a] and now charges exorbitant levies on any naval vessels that wish to pass through.[2a] It is a mercantile center, and the maritime activity of both the Reik and Sea of Claws revolves around it. Although Marienburg itself is neutral territory, the Sea of Claws is the site of daily clashes. On blood-soaked decks, Seamen earn their rum ration and their booty.[1a]

Beyond the Empire and the Wasteland are numerous other marine locations for seamen to sail: the Great Ocean, the Thousand Islands, the Southern Sea, and the Black Gulf.[2a]


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