Jade College

Considered one of the finest treasures of the city, Talabheim's Sea of Roses is a conservatory without compare in the rest of the Old World. Established almost 500 years ago by a talented horticulturist and Priest of Taal, the Sea of Roses started out merely as a labour of love but has since blossomed into a magnificent city garden. The Sea of Roses is obviously known for its collection of roses, but it also hosts hundreds of different exotic plants from all over the world. Some of the most rare specimens include the Darksilk Lotus from Araby and the fragrant Three Kings Iris from Cathay. The current curator is a Magister Lord of the Jade Order who spends more time tending to the conservatory than getting embroiled in politics.[1a]

Unknown to the common folk, the Sea of Roses has a secret hothouse that grows different strains of poisonous plants. Although ostensibly kept for the advancement of science and medicine, plants sometimes disappear, followed by reports of mysterious, poison-related deaths. It's unknown whether these thefts are the result of outsiders breaking in, or if the conservatory's director has some illicit business on the side, selling dangerous ingredients for virulent poisons.[1a]


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