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The Sea of Dread is a large body of water which lies south of the Darklands, east of the Southlands and west of the Hinterlands of Khuresh. The Sea of Dread joins the Great Ocean at the southern tip of the Southlands, and the Far Sea at the Gates of Calith.

Within the Sea of Dread lie the Dragon Isles which are reputedly inhabited by Lizardmen who have turned feral without guidance from a Slann.

The main naval power is the Chaos Dwarf fleet, who have access to the sea from the River Ruin, though the High Elf Navy maintains a presence as well. The area around the mouth of the River Ruin is extremely polluted.

The Sea of Dread has several tributaries:

  • The Bitter Sea is the section northwest of the Dragon Isles, between the Southlands and Dark Lands.
  • The Sour Sea is a mostly enclosed body of water surrounded by mountains, only connected to the Bitter Sea by the narrow Straits of Nagash.
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