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The Sea of Claws is a bitterly cold and rough stretch of water that belongs to the Great Ocean, separating the northern Empire from the land of Norsca, and has a well deserved reputation for piracy. Of course pirates and foul weather don't stop dozens of ships sailing from Marienburg and other northern ports, making it quite accessible for those wishing to cross it, either on their way to Norsca or other places further afield.[1a]

Within the Sea of Claws are the Dragon's Teeth, a jagged line of rocky islands off the northern tip of Bretonnia. Countless ships are said to have been broken upon their shores and a trove of salvage awaits any brave enough to risk the teeth to recover it.[1a]

Those who live in Kislev or along the Sea of Claws know better, but for the average person, the threat of invasion is only a dim, albeit nagging, fear.[2a]

The Sea of Claws' frigid waters are the bane of many a sailor, with winds so cold that the very spray freezes, each gust sending sharp knives of ice to bite the flesh and freeze the extremities. Many of the horrors found in the Sea of Chaos swim over into these waters, setting upon merchant vessels and military ships with abandon, dragging fools to terrifying deaths beneath the dark swirling waters.[2b][2c]

The Skaeling tribe claims a Daemon God named Mermedus, often believed to be a dark reflection of Manaan, dwells beneath the Sea of Claws. They depict him as a bulbous and ghoulish figure, bloated in death, and covered in bulging eyes. It's said he walks on the sea floor, causing stormy waters to capsize ships and drown sailors. To appease this vile God, the Skaeling make Human and animal sacrifices, casting the weighted bodies down to distract the God from their voyage.[2d]


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