Sea of Chaos Map
The Sea of Chaos is a corrupted and near frozen-over ocean that forms a natural barrier between Norsca and the Chaos Waste. It consist of the western section of ocean next to the Frozen Sea, which occupies the waters on Norsca's eastern coastline. There are many reasons not to make the journey to the lands of the Norsemen. It is difficult, dangerous, and rarely worth the risk. To the north and west, the Sea of Chaos laps against its rocky shores. In these haunted waters, strange creatures swim, monsters spawned by the Winds of Chaos blowing south from the unstable lands beyond the Chaos Wastes. Massive ships crewed by the corrupted, mastered by Chaos Champions, prowl the seas in search of coveted artefacts and attack any ship they encounter.[1a]

To make matters worse, the Black Arks of Naggaroth roam the waters to harvest slaves for sacrifice on their bloody altars. And who can really predict the odd storms that erupt unexpectedly with no sign of warning, lashing the sails and capsizing ships with their violent intensity?[1a]


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