"I hear the Fay themselves walk the streets of Quenelles, working wonders. That would be something to see!"
An ignorant tavern keeper of L’Anguille, talking to a Sea Elf Wizard.[4a]

Sea Elves are those High Elves of Ulthuan who have taken to trading with the various ports of the Old World and beyond.


The Elves living around the coasts of the Elven Kingdoms have a tradition of seamanship and fighting, and lack the normal Elven disdain of physical labour. Because of this, other High Elves look down on them, thinking them rough and uncouth. They are brave warriors and tireless guardians of the seaways, and it is thanks to them that the sea routes between the Old World and Lustria remain open. These "Sea Elves" as Old Worlders call them, are quite venturesome, and can often be found as merchants and traders in Old World ports. Most of them speak Human languages as well as Elvish, and many have a smattering of the Norse language too. The Elven trading posts of the Old World are run almost exclusively by Sea Elves.[2a]

Sea Elf Trading Communities

The vast majority of Elves do not live in the Old World but upon the island-continent of Ulthuan. The Elves are accomplished international merchants; their ships effectively control passage of the Great Western Ocean, enabling their fleets to travel freely between Lustria, Cathay, and the Old World. Most of these traveling Elves are Sea Elves from the outer-coasts of Ulthuan, often merchants or travelers spending a year or so in the Old World before moving on to somewhere new.[1b]

To facilitate their trade with humans, some Elves have settled in Old World ports, usually within an 'Elvish Quarter' set aside for them by city authorities. Because the human cities highly value Elvish trade, Elvish Quarters are allowed to administer their own affairs, and are regarded as being off-limits to uninvited humans. Many of these Quarters are fortified, the Elves their own watchmen and militia. The largest population of Elves is that at Marienburg, where there may be as many as 500 individuals at one time.[1b]


Although primarily seafighters, the Sea Elves also provide most of the soldiery of the High Elf armies and may even be found in the Old World, where small groups hire out as mercenary adventurers. Like other High Elves they can be arrogant toward other races, and their verbose sense of humour may not endear them to the hard-witted humans or down-to-earth Dwarfs. However, they are the most outward-looking of all the Elven kindreds and the one most commonly encountered by other races.[1c]


  • While Sea Elves were originally thought to be a distinct Elvish race, later editions of Warhammer instead combined their elements with seafaring High Elves of Ulthuan.


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