Sea Dragon

A Sea Dragon.

The Sea Dragons are the largest of the Dark Elves' sea-going monsters.


Once, long ago they were true dragons, ridden by the ancestors of the Dark Elves, but down the centuries they have been infused with the evil magics that permeate the Arks. They have mutated, becoming something less than true dragons and yet more.[1a]

The Sea Dragons have grown so gigantic that they have lost the power of flight and have to spend their lives afloat to support their own weight. Even so, they remain capable of ripping asunder the biggest ships of other races' fleets.[1b]

Legend has it that in the sundering wars between the Elves and the Dark Elves a Dark Elf Dragon was struck from the sky by a mighty Elf Champion. The Dragon fell into the sea, where the dark, cooling waters bathed his wounds and provided refuge from the battle. It is said that the Sea Dragons are descended from this beast.[2a]


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