"Not elves, the Scythians, the horse warriors of old. The Gospodars – and therefore the Kislevites – trace their ancestry back to them. They ruled here once, before Sainted Sigmar came. These lands were theirs. They built the towns whose ruins are said to haunt the Steppes. They raised the kurgans."
Karl Reiner Vollen, educated Man of the Empire[1a]
Warhammer Eastern Steppes

The Scythians once claimed the entire Eastern Steppes as theirs before their eventual demise from history

The Scythians were the first of the nomadic northern barbarians, claiming all the land of the Eastern Steppes as theirs before they disappeared from history and were thusly the ancestors of the Kurgan and Gospodar people of today. Little is known about them, other than the fact that many ruined cities within the Northern Wastes were once built by them. They also were the first to practice the tradition of burial mounds, a man-made hill which were named kurgans, a term that the modern day Kurgan people have used presumably because they want to hide the bones of all southerns under similar hills.[1a]


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